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2015-16 Cheerleading Constitution

Girl's Cheerleading - Fri, Jan. 30, 2015




I.        Auditions for Team Membership


A.        Candidates must meet all extracurricular participation criteria in academics, citizenship, and             attendance up to the end of the 3rd or 4th six-weeks, depending on tryout date.


            The following criteria are determined from tryout date 2015 to tryout date 2016:

1. Failing grades for no more than 1 six weeks

2. No more than 1 U in citizenship (3 N's are equivalent to 1 U)

3. Must be in good standing with attendance.

4. No more than 1 suspension or placement in ADC

5. Cannot have been expelled.

6.  A student may only tryout for the campus for which they are zoned to attend.

7.  A student must be enrolled in the EM-S school system to tryout.


B.        The constitution must be read and the contract signed by both parents/guardians            and by the             candidate and returned to the coach by given deadline.


C.        Parents must be fully aware of the time commitment and expense of cheerleading and willing            to meet all financial obligations; including fundraisers.


D.        Any student involved in the activity of cheerleading must have a current physical on file with     the campus trainer. This includes tryouts, practices, competitions, and any cheer event that             requires attendance.


E.        Auditions will be closed to the public. Only judges and Administrators will be allowed to attend.


F.         Auditions will be judged by a 3 person panel formed by qualified judges from outside the EM-S ISD. Criteria to be judged will be determined by the coach. Judges' selection is final. A scoring rubric for the audition will be posted prior to tryouts.


G.        Members must tryout each year for a place on the team. Members who have resigned or been   dismissed from the team for any reason during the year may tryout upon permission from the      coach and approval of the principal.  Vacancies created during the school year will not be             filled.  Vacancies created during the summer will be filled by the next highest score.


H.        Once resignation or dismissal from the cheer squad occurs, for reasons other than academic,      reinstatement will not be allowed during the current school year.  Future tryout eligibility will be        established only at the discretion of the cheer coach and administration and will incur the             acceptance of strict guidelines.  A student granted reinstatement is subject to a period of        probation if he/ she make the cheer squad for the upcoming year.


I.          The team will be made up of three squads with no more than:

                        1. 20 Freshmen Cheerleaders

                        2. 20 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders -- sophomores & juniors

                        3. 24 Varsity Cheerleaders – juniors & seniors.


II.       Auditions for Captains


A.        Captains will be:

                        1. Varsity – Captain

                        2. Junior Varsity – Captain

                        3. Freshmen – Captain


B.        Candidates will be scored based on their tryout scores, the coach, and team members. Criteria to be judged will be determined by the coach. Final selection of captains will be based on the following:

                        1. 2 Team nominations

                        2. 1 Coach nomination

                        3. Coaches decision is final


C.        There could be ONE spirit captain per squad elected by each squad.


III.      Captains' Duties


A.        A captain is responsible for setting an example for other cheerleaders to follow. The captain             should be positive, cooperative, helpful, and dedicated.


B.        A captain is responsible for the particular squad of members. The captain is to provide             individual help in learning and perfecting cheers and routines, checking attendance, inspecting     uniforms and equipment, and any additional duties involving the squad and makes sure    routines are ready for performances.


C.        Captains must be willing to spend extra practice time to organize activities, learn material, and     perform additional duties.


D.        The coach may remove a captain from the position at any time if the responsibilities and duties of the position are not being fulfilled. If a captain removal takes place the coach will determine if the role will be filled.


E.        Special duties of the spirit captains, if elected, will be:

                        1. Arrange gifts for other activities

                        2. Make thank you notes, cards, sign-up sheets, lists, etc?

                        3. Plan squad and team parties

                        4. Help with banquet preparation

                        5. Help coach with organizational responsibilities


IV.     Attendance


A.        Cheerleaders must attend and pay for summer camp as designated by the coach. Mandatory     practices, including summer practices, will be held to prepare for camp and for football season.


B.        All practices, performances, appearances, and meetings are mandatory. Each member is             required to attend all scheduled events.


C.        Schedules for summer camp, all practices, performances, appearances, and meetings will be        provided to each member in advance. Practices will begin immediately following tryouts to             prepare for camp. Every day practices may begin as early as the month of July up to the             beginning of school. There are 3 to 4 before or after school practices per week during football           season and competition season. The 8 hour UIL rule for practice will be followed.  Some weekend practices may be needed.


D.        An absence will be excused only if approved by the coach in advance.


E.        Reasons for an excused absence include:

1. Personal illness or accident

2. Funeral or death in the family

3. Other school activities with special permission from the coach in advance

                        4. Special circumstances excused by the coach in advance


F.         Unexcused absences include but are not limited to:

1. Appointments

2. Vacations

3. Work – Work cannot interfere with any cheerleading activity.  It is not an excuse to be absent, late, or leave early.

4. Outside team practice or performance.


G.        Any unexcused absence will be brought before the coach for discipline or possible dismissal.

                        Unexcused absence

1st Offense = 1 demerits, cut from the performance, and a warning

2nd Offense = 2 demerits, cut from the performance, and a warning

3rd Offense = Removal from the squad


H.        Members will arrive on time and stay until dismissed by the coach. To be counted             present and on time, a member must be in rank at the designated location and time. Tardiness      results in an automatic demerit.


I.          No student who is absent for more than the district policy's definition of a half school day, may     participate in any extracurricular performance that day unless special permission is given by             the coach and principal.


J.         Cheerleaders will be allowed to participate in activities that generally do not conflict with cheerleading activities. Involvement in other extra-curricular activities that conflict with cheerleading on a regular, recurring basis such as non-school related activities may result in removal from the squad. Exceptions may be made for isolated conflicts at the discretion of the coach.


K.        Any member suffering from illness or injury will be excused from workouts/performances only    by a parental conference with the coach. If absent from school due to illness or injury the             cheerleader will not attend practice that day.


V.      Discipline & Grade Probation


A.        Any member expelled, suspended, placed in the ADC, or assigned SAC/ ISS may be             immediately dismissed from the team. The dismissal may be for any period of time, as decided          by the coach and the campus principal. The campus principal will have the final say             concerning disciplinary action.


B.        All cheerleaders will comply with the drug-testing program of EM-SISD and are subject to all             rules and procedures associated with the program. Violation of the Student Code of Conduct         related to smoking, drug use and alcohol will result in immediate dismissal from the team.


C.        Members must meet all current state educational requirements.


D.        Members who receive a failing grade in any class for a grading period will be placed on grade probation following the restrictions, limitations, and time period set by the state. The principal             may remove this suspension if the class is identified as pre-ap or advanced placement class             in accordance with district policy.


E.        Members who fail for two grading periods will be dismissed.


F.         Dismissal involves the loss of membership from the cheerleading organization. All school-

Issued equipment and uniforms must be returned and all financial obligations must be cleared within one week of dismissal.  Once a member has been dismissed, he/she loses all privileges of the cheerleading organization. Students may not wear any part of the HS cheerleading uniform.

G.         Resignation shall be defined as a choice made by the individual member that he/she no longer desires participation in the cheerleading organization. Resignation procedures involve a conference with the cheer coach and a letter of resignation from the resigning member, signed and dated with the parent/guardian signature. All uniforms, clothing and equipment must be turned in and financial obligations must be cleared at the time of resignation. Students may not wear any part of the HS cheerleading uniform. The cheerleader will be held financially responsible for any balance due. No refunds will be made

VI.     The Merit/ Demerit System


A merit system shall be established to offer opportunities for cheerleaders to remove demerits.  Opportunities to work off demerits shall happen periodically at the discretion of the coach.  A member will only be able to earn 5 merits per semester.  For merit purposes the first semester shall begin immediately after tryouts and end at the conclusion of the varsity football season. The second  semester shall commence after varsity football season and end one week prior to tryouts for the next year.


A.        A total of 3 demerits in one week will automatically suspend a member from the following             week's performance. The member must still attend the performance in uniform.


B.        A total of 7 demerits for a season will result in a 3 week probation and a warning for             possible removal will be given.


C.        A total of 10 demerits for a season will result in a disciplinary hearing with possible dismissal       from the team.


D.        Members may have demerits removed from their records by accumulating merits as long as             they have not reached 10 demerits. Merits are given for performing duties above what is             required – for example, selling more fundraising items than the minimum required or making             straight A's on a report card.


E.        The following violations will receive demerits: The coach has discretion as to the number of demerits are assigned for egregious violations. Assignment of more than 3 demerits for a single violation must be approved by the assistant principal that oversees cheerleading.

1. Poor citizenship grades

2. Forgetting or failing to wear any part of the uniform or equipment

3. Wearing any jewelry, colored nail polish, or hair ornament during a performance or appearance

4. Uniform or equipment not clean or in bad condition

5. Arriving late for any activity

6. Failure to turn in specified items or money by deadline given

7. Refusing to follow directions set forth by coach or captains

8. Showing disrespect or lying to coach, captains, or fellow members

9. Talking when coach or captains are instructing or speaking

10. Vulgarity at any time, either in speech, actions or social media, ie: Facebook, etc.

11. Showing lack of spirit or a negative attitude

12. Allowing someone other than a member to wear part of the uniform or practice attire.

13. Chewing gum, wearing jewelry, or having fingernails at an unsafe length in any cheerleading activity

14. Any other infraction of the rules as determined by the coach.


F.         Probation Rules

1. Attend games/pep rallies/practices per coach's discretion.

(Not allowed to participate in other team functions during or after school.)

2. Must follow directions set forth by the coach.

3. Will not attend away games.


**Probation will affect a cheerleader's ability to participate in the Cheerleader Banquet and any other trip or activities. Probation also affects any down payment or money already spent on a trip or function. The money will not be reimbursed if the District is unable to have the money reimbursed.


VII.    Performance Cuts


A.        For special performances there will be a cut judged by the coach. A member unable to meet             the standards set for that performance will not be allowed to perform.


B.        Any member absent on the day of cuts, whether excused or unexcused, will be cut from the             performance.


C.        A member missing any workout will be subject to replacement upon the discretion of the             coach.


D.        The coach reserves the right to replace or dismiss any member from a performance if the             member is not meeting acceptable standards for that performance. This can occur at any             time prior to the performance.


E.        A member who is cut from a performance must still attend the performance in uniform and             assume responsibilities as usual.


VIII. Competition Squad


A.        The competition team will be chosen from all eligible cheerleaders based on a series of skill             evaluations.


B.        Standard skill requirements will be determined by the coach based on the skills required in the      competition routine.  A cheerleader unable to meet the standard skills set for the competition             routine will not be placed on the competition team.


C.        Skill evaluations will be conducted and judged by the coach.


D.        Competitions attended will be at the discretion of the coach with the approval from the campus          principal.


E.        More practices, times, and money are required for this competitive team.


IX.     Uniforms & Supplies


A.        Part of the cheerleading uniform and equipment will be purchased by the member and will             remain the property of the member. This financial obligation must be met to remain a member          of the team.


B.        Part of the uniform and equipment will be provided by the school. These will be issued to the      member at the beginning of the season and returned to the school at the end of the season.             The member will pay to replace any lost or damaged articles.


C.        Each part of the uniform, whether school or privately owned, must have the uniform number or         member's name on it and must be kept clean at all times.


D.        Any altering of the uniform, whether school or privately owned, must have coach approval.


E.        All cheerleading uniforms will be worn by members only.


X.      Fundraising


A.        Each member will be expected to participate fully in general fundraising activities. During sales   projects, a specified number of articles will be determined as the minimum requirement. This             minimum requirement is expected to be met by all members. Members participating in the trip       are expected to participate fully in all trip fundraiser activities.


B.        Members will be required to turn in fundraising money on particular dates set by the coach.             Failure to do so will result in one demerit for each day the money is late.


XI. Trips


A.        Members must ride the bus to and from all out of town games, competitions, or other events. Only parental permission, communicated by that parent, will release the cheerleader to ride home with that parent only. Special permission must be granted in writing             by the coach and principal.


B.        Members are responsible for their equipment for the duration of the trip.


C.        Members must conduct themselves appropriately and responsibly on all trips as             representatives of EM-SISD.


XII. Changes


            Revision of the constitution after initial annual approval shall follow the steps outlined in the      Administrative Guideline for Student Organization Constitutions.




2009-2010 ADDENDUM




The purpose of cheerleaders in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District is to promote school spirit and a positive school climate by performing for athletic events, special events, and cheerleading competitions as deemed appropriate by the campus administration and Cheerleader Coach. Cheerleaders are expected to be positive role models, serving as supportive high school ambassadors at school, in the district, and community.


Membership Dues


Membership dues are not applicable.


Faculty Coaches


The high school principal assigns coaches for each cheer squad on a yearly basis.


Plans for Usage of Facilities


The principal will assign facilities as needed for all practices and meetings.


Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD




I have read and fully understood the rules and regulations presented in the EM-SISD Cheerleader Constitution.


I understand that these rules are necessary to ensure that the cheerleading team will be run in an organized and fair manner and that the performances and appearances will always be of the highest quality.


I understand that I will serve as cheerleader from the time of election until tryouts of the next school year.


I hereby agree to abide by the rules of this constitution as long as I am associated with the   EM-SISD Cheerleaders.


Cheerleader Signature


_______________________________ Date__________________


Parent/ Guardian 1 Signature


_______________________________ Date__________________


Parent/ Guardian 2 Signature


_______________________________ Date__________________